A Method of Designing Lifting Configurations For High Supersonic Speeds, Using Axisymmetric Flow Fields.
by J. G. Jones, K. C. Moore, J. Pike and P. L. Roe.
Ingenieur-Archiv, 37, Band, 1, Heft, pp. 56-72, 1968.

Waverider pic

A method is proposed which may be used as a basis for the rational design of lifting vehicles intended to cruise at speeds between M=4 and 7. In order to construct shapes whose behavior in an inviscid fluid stream may be calculated exactly, stream surfaces chosen according to certain rules from axisymmetric flowfields are replaced by solid boundaries. Combinations of such stream surfaces may be built up piecemeal into complete aircraft configurations, and it is shown that the method is sufficiently flexible to allow considerable freedom of choice in the disposition of lift and volume. Methods are indicated whereby the lifting efficiencies of such shapes may be investigated and, to some extent, optimised.

This paper demonstrates the advanced state of waverider design at the Royal Aircraft Establishment as early as 1968 and is based on the following R.A.E. Reports:-

A method of designing lifting configurations for high supersonic speeds using the flow fields of non lifting cones.
J. G. Jones, R.A.E Report No. 2674, 1963.

This report expands the limited compression surfaces from a 2D wedge to the more practical shapes from a cone flow.

The application of known flow fields to the design of wings with lifting upper surfaces at high supersonic speeds.
K. C. Moore, R.A.E. Technical Report No. 65034, 1965.

An expansion flow is applied to the upper surface to give a complete wing.

A design method for aircraft basic shapes with fully attached shock waves using known axisymmetric flow fields.
J, Pike, R.A.E. Technical Report No. 66069, 1966.

A cone-cylinder stream surface and upper surface expansions are used to demonstate the variation of volumn, centre of pressure and engine requirements whilst retaining the known pressure distribution over the body at the design Mach number.

A momentum analysis of lifting surfaces in inviscid supersonic flow.
P. L. Roe, R.A.E. Technical Report No. 67124, 1967.

A momentum analysis aiding the selection of wings with high L/D. Available as R&M 3576

The subsequent development and optimisation of the design were described in further Royal Aircraft Establishment Reports. Those of J.Pike are listed under Waveriders in Jack Pike Published Papers

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